En som deg ⁄ Must Have Been Love 2013

  • Directors,
  • ProducerKarin Julsrud
  • DirectorEirik Svensson
  • ScriptJyrki Väisänen & Eirik Svensson
  • CastPamela Tola, Espen Klauman-Høiner, Laura Birn, Audun Hjort, Mattis Herman Nyquist, Rosa Salomaa
  • CinematographerMartin Hogsnes Solvang
  • EditorKasrten Meinich
  • Production designerAnn-Kristin Talleraas
  • Sound designerMicke Nyström

On a holiday in Istanbul Finnish Kaisa meets Norwegian Jacob. He is handsome, funny and has cool friends. They flirt heavily. But Jacob has a soreness that Kaisa misunderstands. They argue. The following day, Jacob and his friends are gone. And Kaisa doesn’t even have his last name.

From Istanbul to Oslo, Helsinki and Berlin, we follow Kaisa on her journey and quest in a contemporary story about young people looking for true love. Where does that thin line go between someone potentially being the love of your life or not?


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