Keeper’n til Liverpool ⁄ The Liverpool Goalie 2010

  • Directors,
  • ProducerHåkon Øverås & Karin Julsrud
  • DirectorArild Andresen
  • ScreenplayLars Gudmestad
  • CastAsk von der Hagen, Susanne Boucher, Jostein Brox, Mattis Asker, Ane Kirkeng Jørgensen, Kyrre Hellum, Fridtjov Såheim, Kåre Conradi
  • CinematographerGaute Gunnari
  • EditorJon Endre Mørk
  • Production designerMerete Bostrøm
  • Sound designerKenneth Gustavsen

– A comedy about surviving high school.

Meet Jo Idstad: 13 years old, school-smart and convinced that life is dangerous. To survive high school you need to avoid death-traps like bully co-students, hazardous sports and cute girls. And rather pursue harmless activities such as math equations and football cards. Everything goes according to plan for Jo, until a new girl begins in his class: Mari.

Mari is a skilled footballer and a math viz. And she is really cute. She is Jo’s dream girl. But to make an impression on her, Jo must take risks. Suddenly everything is just trouble. So much trouble that Jo fears he won’t make it to his fourteenth birthday.

His only hope is the one football card that all the boys have pursued throughout the summer: The Liverpool Goalie could in fact save his life.

If the card really exists


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