Radiopiratene ⁄ The Radio Pirates 2007

  • Directors,
  • ProducerHåkon Øverås & Aagot Skjeldal
  • DirectorStig Svendsen
  • ScreenplayGunnar Germundson
  • CastAnders Hermann Clausen, Anna Dworak, Gard B. Eidsvold, Per Christian Ellefsen, Henrik Giæver
  • CinematographerJohn Andreas Andersen
  • EditorSiv Eberholst, Pål Gengenbach
  • Production DesignerJack Van Domburg

Karl Jonathan Grannemann moves with his dad to the fathers childhood home in Skjelleruten a little city on the country, a city where the child is overprotected by the adults, the child has to wear a helmet in the school yard, an ride on bike with to extra wheel until the are thirteen. Nonone can have fun, that was before Karl Jonathan move to down, and stick to the man, Karl Jonathan and Sisiline by accident find a pirate radio station and sent pirate broadcast.


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