Søvngjengeren ⁄ The Sleepwalker 2014

  • Directors,
  • ProducersKarin Julsrud, Turid Øversveen
  • DirectorMona Fastvold
  • ScreenwritersMona Fastvold, Brady Corbet
  • CastGitte Witt, Brady Corbet, Christopher Abbot, Stephanie Ellis
  • CinamatographerZack Galler
  • MusicSondre Lerche, Kato Ådland
  • EditorJon Endre Mørk, Mike Mazzotta
  • Production designerLucio Seixas
  • Sound designerColl Anderson

Kaia’s peaceful life in the countryside is abruptly shattered over the course of a long weekend, when her estranged sister Christine appears unannounced in the middle of the night, with no memory of how she got there.

Their two significant others, Ira and Andrew, are involuntarily pulled into the scenario. Tension and jealousies build as new alliances form and childhood patterns resurface, bringing up old, bitter wounds between the two sisters.

As days grow darker and the nights more disturbing, Kaia is forced to confront Christine, as well as herself, before she drifts too far into their dangerous relationship.

But when Christine goes missing, the conflict is left unresolved, and the three left are flung into upheaval trying to fill in the blanks.


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