Yatzy ⁄ Yatzy 2009

  • Directors,
  • ProducerKarin Julsrud
  • DirectorKatja Eyde Jacobsen
  • Story by / screenplayHarald Rosenløw Eeg
  • CastKastriot Kastrati, Hanna Khalid, Fredrik Torjussen
  • CinematographerØystein Mamen
  • Music byJonas Kroon
  • EditorChristoffer Heie
  • ScenografKristine Wilhelmsen
  • Sound designerCarl Svensson

When Daggi is 15 years old, he gets the opportunity to change his life. A fresh start, another chance. But is it possible to start over? Daggi puts the little he owns in a bag and carries his past in a key, around the neck&. He tries to adjust his new life in a small village – as a foster child in a family who’s filled with love and care, and Gustav, who’s always wished for a big brother. Together they play Yatzy – Gustav’s favorite game. Cause in Yatzy everyone has a chance. The village is tiny and boring. Daggi is restless and paranoid – trying to keep a distance to everything. Then he meets Gloria. Gloria who drives a scooter and sees Daggi as an opportunity to get away. Together they discover the beauty of love, – they escape to Sweden and life seems for the first time easy and good. Until his past hunts him down, lead by Dennis, and drags him back to a life he neither can be a part of – nor get away from.


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